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Honor Your Father and Mother

“Honor your father and your mother.” Jesus did. In Christ, we can grow daily in the grace of honoring our earthly parents for the still greater honor of our heavenly Father. What is it that God expects from us and why?

Moral Law - Part 4

Tonight, we'll take a look at the 4th Commandment, from Exodus 20:8-11. How is the Christian to live under this Commandment? In what way is it to be remembered since it was the first time it was given, when it was given to Moses on the two tablets. Is it still a holy day, or celebrated more like a holiday?

Charles Spurgeon said, "How many observe Christ's birthday! How few, his precepts! O! 'tis easier to keep holidays than commandments."

Forbidden Gods

Why is idolatry a sin and what are the affects that this has upon ourselves and potentially upon our families? 

Discernment for the Last Days

Numerous signs will prepare the world for Jesus' return. The signs will be numerous occurring in various places, but the Christian must be discerning of those signs too. Their faith in Christ must be firm and they must also use the events happening in our world, as an opportunity to lead others to putting their faith in Christ alone, to escape His coming judgment. Are your ready? Do you understand what is happening in our world today?

The Ten Commandments (Part 1)

The first commandment says a person is to have no other god but God. Yet, it reveals His sovereign authority over humanity, His supreme power to save His people and the exclusive devotion to God alone.

When used properly, the Ten Commandments become a tutor, teaching us of our need for a Savior - Jesus Christ because people have accepted numerous other gods in their lives. Is God, God alone in our lives? 

Learning from King David's Sin

God responds with His mercy and grace to those who honestly and humbly confess their sins to Him.

What Is The Purpose Of The Law?

Expect the Coming Persecution

The calamities that Jesus prophesies is a prelude to the end times that will one day occur. These signs should also be discerned, as much as others that have been foretold. This passage gives us a glimpse of what Christians can expect to occur to them, as the world looks more and more hopeless and imminent for Christ’s return.

The Message of the Gospel

The Gospel is a particular message of divine origin where believers correctly proclaim its message and unbelievers fulfill the purpose of its proclaimed message, to repent and believe in Jesus Christ. Is that what you're hearing preached?

The Government and Christian Citizenship

In the wake of recent events and the upcoming election, Scripture reminds us of the role of government and the duty of Christians - to live in obedience.

Signs of the Times

Just as there are warning signs before a heart attack, so too will there be and have been signs pointing to the return of Jesus Christ. There cannot be a greater interest in recognizing weather conditions in preparation for a coming storm and yet remain apathetic to, or ignorant of the many of the signs of Jesus' return. Casual ignorance of these signs will be terribly condemning. What are the signs that Jesus speaks of?

When God Honors the Obedience of a Father - Noah

We'll be looking at the characteristic of Noah's obedience to God and the result of his obedience. If more men would be obedient to God, as was Noah, our families would be in a much better state than they presently are. What does it look like when God honors the obedience of a father?

The Great White Throne Judgment

How significant is this great white throne where all who have rejected God will one day stand before Him and have their entire life exposed before Him. What will be the experience of the person who has chosen to live without Jesus Christ in their lives? Is there any hope in God's judgment without Christ?

The Joy of Contentment for God's Glory

The Divine Commission

The Holy Spirit provides the Christian with the power necessary to fulfill God's will by a Divine Commission.

The Characteristics of a Godly Mom

There are many women whom have lived a life that honors God and the characteristics of such a woman of God are to be treasured.

Encouragement for the Church

A Christian’s life should not only be characterized by outward peace with others but also personal, inward peace. The Lord not only wants serenity between His followers but serenity within His followers. God not only wants tranquility within each congregation but tranquility within each Christian’s heart and mind.
It is a sad commentary that peace within congregations seems so rare. It is equally a sad commentary that true peace within Christians seems also to be a rarity. The reason for both deficiencies is a lack of faith and a lack of spiritual discipline.

While We Wait for Jesus

The Christian is mindful of who to follow, patiently waits for Jesus’ return and perseveres in serving the Lord until he returns.

Is This the Pursuit of Your Life?

Losing, Gaining & Living

Here's What to Expect