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When You're Anxious for God's Promises

In the roller coaster ride of Abram's faith, we see a time of doubt and God's reassurance that He would be faithful to Abram. Are you doubting any of God's promises today? Have you looked toward heaven lately? Just as God encouraged Abram, so too, I believe He'll be the same for you today.

The Duty of Christian Discipleship

Christians are called to follow the example of Christ, in their lives everyday and this is learned through the local church. What type of people are involved in the development of new believers?

The Fathers Blessing

There is something more than material things a father can leave for his children and grandchildren - the testimony of faith in God is a great legacy to instill and leave.

There Is Hope For Everyone To Be Saved

God's grace and mercy make way for the provision of salvation that is a gift from God. To no one's credit but God alone, for the only eternal hope is found in Christ alone. This morning's sermon outline is provided from Ephesians 2:1-10, titled There is Hope for Everyone to be Saved.

The Compassionate Christian

Laborers Together With God

God Himself is committed to ensuring the growth of His church, where each person in the church is used differently, quietly, purposefully and sacredly - for His glory.

A Model Of Faith

Come And See Jesus

When God Leads You Back

Despite Abram's disobedience and selfishness to go where he shouldn't have after the Lord had appeared to him, Abram returned back to the town and the altar he set up, where he last heard from God.

God is ready to accept those who want to return to Him and to show them the promises He wishes to fulfill in them. No one should ever feel they have gone too far away from God that He would be unwilling to receive them. He is a good, good Father.

What Is Your Bible Worth?

The Word of God is a priceless treasure for Christians. How much we value it is reflected in the way we keep it and live by it.

Obeying God Should Be Easy, Right?

The result of our obedience to God yields His blessings, but the journey to receiving those blessing are not without obstacles along the way.

You've heard the old adage, "Learn from my mistakes and avoid the pitfalls I've fallen into." That's Abram and sometimes that's us, so let's learn from him through Scripture.

When The Devil Attempts to Play Mind Games With You

The subtle whispers of Satan sometimes catch Christians in a temporary mental trap. When we know his intention to cause disruption in our lives, we can walk more confidently in the truth of what God has said.

Abraham - A model of Faith

Abraham is known as the father of many nations and was called a "friend of God," which is certainly a worthy aspiration for all of us to be able to claim.

Yet, his journey of faith was not easy, but difficult and the story of his life from the book of Genesis does not exalt him, but God in whom he learned to trust. Abraham's life is a lesson for us that faith is completely useless if it is not resting solidly in the foundation of Scripture, if it is not exclusively in God alone.

Abraham's life is no different from someone's life today. He experienced doubt, his faith waned a bit, he was unsure of God's will for his life, he wasn't even sure how He could do for him what was obviously impossible. However, against all odds, he trusted God and his life shows us what it means to live by faith and may we all learn to live by faith greater today and tomorrow than we have before.

We'll also discover how God extended his grace to Abraham and had forgiven this great man of faith, even when he stumbled.

Abraham's life, for us is an example of how to walk by faith, but we'll also learn what saving faith looks like through his life as well.

The Gifts of Grace

Mary's Song of Praise to God

O Little Town of Bethlehem

The small town of Bethlehem is part of the bigger picture of God’s hope and coming to the world.

Growing in Grace and Knowledge

A Christian's faith should persevere through adversities experienced personally and in the world. The unexpected return of Jesus Christ is reason enough to live differently than the world does. There is one way in which a Christian can prepare themselves from being deceived in the last days and 2 Peter 3:18 provides the directive for us.

The Danger of Ignoring Sin

It's not popular to talk about sin in the church, but a person must understand the danger of saying they are not guilty of sin. What does it mean for a person to deny sin in their life? Who are they before God, before they meet Him in judgment?

Grace That Has Changed My Life

The Apostle Paul has some simple things to say concerning how God's grace changed his life and there are three things that become evident by God's grace and the person we have become because of Jesus Christ. How has God's grace affected a change in your life?

Living That Glorifies God

The Second Coming of Christ is fast approaching as many events unfold in our time that point to His imminent return. How should a Christian live their life, to the glory of the Lord, as they await His return?

Here's What to Expect