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The Joy of Praying for Your Church

When you think about the church that you attend, what sort of things come to your mind when you think about the people? What has grabbed your heart so much that you can’t stop thanking God for them? When you pray, what is your deepest desire to see take place that is ultimately to the glory of God?

The Characteristics of a Submissive Church

What should a maturing church and maturing Christians look like that would give us an example to model, for the church today? In the opening 2 verses of Philippians, there are some significant characteristics that should be exemplified, not just by a few, but by all in the church.

When Suffering Has It's Purpose

Hark, the Herald Angels Sing!

In the glorious announcement of the birth of the Christ to the shepherds, we hear the greatest good news from heaven about Immanuel - God with us.

A Miraculous Birth Announcement

Love That God Delights, Love That God Detest

Living in the Last Days, What Shall We Do?

Living the Commandment of Love

The Great Commandment to love God without restriction and to love others without requirements was evidenced in the life of Jesus that we are called to exemplify through our loves today. Most importantly, in practical application and interaction with those whom the world considers unlovable and even unlovely.

Turning to God in Times of Crisis - Psalm 46

When you need help, who is the first person you think of to call and know that you can depend on for support? Whether it is a personal crisis, or a national crisis, the people of God must know that there is one place, one person and one power that they can go to, no matter what the situation is that a person, or even a nation is facing. They must turn to God.

Whom Do You Trust?

David was a man just like we are. He was tempted to worry over his life on many occasions, not the least of which was the time when Saul was seeking his life, which according to some commentators may vey well form the background of this psalm. However, David overcame this worry, by trusting and rejoicing in God.

The Effectual Proof to Recognizing A Christian

If you could describe a person who is a Christian, what words would you use? Would they describe the church they go to, what they do for good works, or would their words describe the internal transformation that is reflected and witnessed by their external life?

Moving Forward as God's People

The Evangelist's First Letter 1 John 1: 5- 10

The Expectation of the Church at the Second Coming of Christ

The Evangelist's First Letter 1 John 1: 1- 4

The Blessings of Our Salvation, to the Praise of God's Glory

What's so special about a Christian and their salvation? The gift of eternal life is indeed a blessing beyond comparison, but what makes it so special for us, to God? 1.  We are chosen by God (4-6) 2. We are redeemed in Christ (7-12) 3. We are sealed by the Holy Spirit (13-14)

Here's What to Expect