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Epaphroditus: A Model of Selfless Christian Service

It Takes Faith to Believe in the Resurrection

Thomas the disciple, demanded for the most convincing evidence in the world for him to believe that Jesus rose from the dead. All the hard evidence in the world will never cause a person to believe in the resurrection of Jesus, only faith will. Do you believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Join us this Resurrection Sunday morning at Magnolia Church for worship and the ministry of the Word, in this morning's sermon titled, It Takes Faith to Believe in the Resurrection (John 20:24-31).

Who is this King that is Coming

Jesus' entrance in to he city of Jerusalem would mark the beginning of His journey to the cross and the Messiah is described as King in 4 different ways, as he entered into the city of Jerusalem.

The Testimony of Certainty For The Believer

Timothy An Example of A Servant Leader

Working Out Your Salvation

Characteristics of a Maturing Christian

How does our faith in Christ and our love for other brothers and sisters in Christ reflect our maturity as Christians and obedience to God?

The Assurance & Confidence of God's Love

What is it that a Christian should know concerning this and their lives?

The Humiliation and Exaltation of Christ,

Imitating the humility of Christ can only be accomplished when the example is before us. Jesus is the perfect example of how God has raised him to the highest position because of his lowly example of obedience and submission, to the glory of God.

How to Know That God is Love

Imitating the Humility of Christ

Discerning Who is A False Prophet

False teaching is a fatal disease that has spread to become an epidemic in the church. It can choke the life out of those seeking God, and can cripple believers by disillusionment and discouragement.

A Gospel Worthy Life

The Experience of True Christian Love Part 2

When the Great Commandment becomes the purpose of a Christian's life and service in ministry to God and toward others, they will, by practical demonstration through their lives what true Christian love is all about.

To Live is Christ

Is living for Jesus your first priority in life and will He be your greatest gain when you die?

The Experience of True Christian Love

What If Your Life Ended Today?

Who Then, Are Truly God's Children

The Gospel Advances Despite Adversity

How would you want God to use your life to tell others about Jesus? Does your life influence others to become faithful witnesses for Jesus? Would you still talk about Jesus if you were thrown in jail because of your faith?

Who is the antichrist

Pastor Kurt will continue our mid-week study in 1 John 2:18-29, to learn who is the antichrist and what will the antichrist attempt to do to Christians in the last days?

Here's What to Expect