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I Am the Good Shepard

God is my Only Hope for the Help I Need

A door That Leads to Jesus

The Joy of serving in Children's Ministry

When Your Heavenly Father Says I Love You

Have You Seen the Light

A Heart Prepared for God

I Am the Bread of Life

Tara Ramirez - Personal Testimony

The Example, Distinction & Blessing of Justification

How to Trust God Everyday of Your Life

The Blessing of Being Tested by God

Thankful for Mom's Faith

The Comfort of God in a Desperate Situation

The big idea of the passage: God is not unaware of a person, or a family’s situation that looks hopeless to them. He provides for His children out of love as only a heavenly Father can provide and in many ways too.

When Worship is by Divine Order

All things pertaining to worship are to be done in order and for the building up - strengthening, the encouragement of the church, by the empowerment and leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Encouragement the Church Needs to Hear

The gift of prophecy overshadows the gift of tongues, yet the language of love reigns supreme over all the gifts. There is no better place for a person to be and hear a word of encouragement than from and through God's people.

Spiritual Gifts are for the Common Good of the Church

Spiritual Gifts are to be used by God's people and not kept selfishly for themselves, but for the benefit of others. These gifts are to be understood in their variety and use. How are you using God's Spiritual Gifts?

When A Long Awaited Promise Comes True

A Living Hope for Those Who Have Died in Christ

The empty tomb is the hope for every sinner to live beyond the grave and it begins with faith in Christ alone.

The Humiliation of Jesus

The soldiers mockery of Jesus is not just a display of how they mistreated Jesus so savagely, but it is also a picture of how we have so callously mistreated Christ before He became the atoning sacrifice for our sins.

Here's What to Expect